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Safe Hands - the leading provider of life support, medical emergencies, AED, and first aid training.

About Us

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At Safe Hands we’re passionate about teaching life saving skills and truly believe everyone should be trained from school children to adults.  We all have the the essential equipment needed that may save a life......our hands.  We believe in removing the fear and myths that people may have about dealing with medical emergencies and first aid,  providing scenario based, interactive training, that can be tailored to meet specific needs for your business or organisation.

Our highly experienced and credible Instructors have over 30 years combined experience working within Emergency Medicine and Coronary Care, and remain practising clinicians in these acute settings.  They are considered experts in their field and will provide you and your organisation with the latest skills and current evidence based training.  They hold Resuscitation Council UK Instructorship status and are Instructors on Advanced Life Support and European Trauma Course programmes providing training to medical staff throughout the UK and Europe.  They will provide you with the knowledge and skills to meet the challenges you may encounter when faced with a medical emergency or providing first aid.

Teaching, learning and assessment methods have been designed to be learner-centred and will enable you to reflect critically on your own practice. 


We encourage you to tell us what you think and give us feedback.  If you need more information or advice you can simply type your questions into the enquiry form and we will be happy to get back to you. 

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